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We are the association "Initiative Awareness e.V." and the office team of the funded projects (11 people spread over Leipzig and Berlin). Together we do not want to accept the state of inequality, oppression and exclusion and the resulting forms of discrimination and violence. Our aim is, with an intersectional view, to jointly sensitise the general public, to intervene and to dissolve organised power structures. Discrimination and power-sensitive spaces should be made accessible in order to minimise violence and establish a practice of solidarity.

A central building block for us is networking. As a supra-regional interface, we want to support the community in its self-organisation in the long term. The focus is on the exchange and sharing of resources and knowledge.

As individuals, however, we have different approaches and understandings of awareness. Here is a brief introduction to each member of the team.

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Public Relations

Alina has been with the Awareness initiative since 2022 and is responsible for public relations - i.e. for the website, social media channels, but also for the creation and editing of print materials such as the zine. In the field of awareness, she is particularly interested in intersectional perspectives as well as the uncovering, deconstruction and reappraisal of unequal power relations. Alina works in the Leipzig office.

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Saxony, Train the Trainers, Education

Flo has been part of the Initiative Awareness association since 2019 and has been involved in the support f(x)- Schnittstelle für Sachsen project since 2022, and enjoys giving a lot of workshops. For Flo, awareness means practical anti-discrimination work in the form of concrete support and wide-ranging sensitization. In the long term, Flo hopes to spread the idea of collective responsibility and discrimination-sensitive interaction beyond nightlife events.

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Education, Workshop Coordination, Train the Trainers

Ida likes to focus on what groups need in order to function well together in the long term. In addition to awareness as an attitude, for her this also includes participation and spaces that are critical of hierarchy.

Initiative Awareness e.V.
The association

In 2018, the association formed the Initiative Awareness in Leipzig. This group consists of organisers, artists, guests and employees. Everyone has different experiences with discriminatory behaviour, whether as a person affected or as a performer. Together they want to pool their experiences and pass them on.

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Public Relations

Jella has been working in the public relations team for the Leipzig office since 2023. For Jella, awareness means reflecting on one's own behavior and enabling solidarity with one another, in which everyone can feel valued and safe. She enjoys engaging with current feminist and anti-racist discourses.

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Education, Train the Trainers, Concept, Editing

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Financial management of projects, personnel matters, planning of internal measures

Nadine came to the Initiative Awareness and the project "support f(x) - schnittstelle für awareness" through a call for proposals and so far she has little experience with practical awareness work. Therefore, she sees her tasks first and foremost in strengthening the framework that the initiative Awareness needs to be able to implement projects.

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Education, Workshop Coordination, Train the Trainers

Nazanin has been with the Awareness initiative since 2021 and works in the field of education. There, she coordinates the training and consulting services and also gives workshops herself from time to time. In addition to her work with the initiative, she deals a lot with the topics of anti-discrimination, racism criticism and social inequality.

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Saxony, Networking, Education

Pauline has been part of the "Initiative Awareness e.V." since 2018. For her, awareness always means an intersectional perspective and continuous learning in the fight against discrimination and violence and for the establishment of a solidary and responsible coexistence. It is important to Pauline to get out of the bubble and also to work in the public space. She sometimes has problems with the concept of awareness.

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Education, Workshop Coordination, Train the Trainers

none | they

Sim would like to gain an insight into association structures and organization as part of his voluntary service. Awareness work (without always calling it that) has long been part of Sim's life, which is why he would now like to support the structures in the background of the Awareness Initiative and acquire knowledge for future association work.

Project Coordination

Thimo lives in Berlin and has been organizing music, cultural and political events since 2009. It was here that a shocking awareness of various forms of discrimination and violence emerged. Through the constant debate, mutual sensitization and educational work, the topic of discrimination-sensitive events became a matter close to his heart. For him, awareness and anti-discrimination work means first and foremost practical solidarity and the potential for change.

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Saxony, project coordination

Since 2022, Toschka has been active in Intitative Awareness, with a particular focus on supporting and networking awareness activists in Saxony. In addition, Toschka is engaged in thinking concepts further and applying them to new contexts. In the rapid development of awareness in public discourse, t sees opportunities for sustainable development, but also risks in practice.

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You have a problem and don't know where to turn? Maybe we can help you or refer you to people in our network. We also offer supervision and are happy to accompany you as far as we can. You are also welcome to take a look at our awareness platform and the swarm can help you in word and deed.

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