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Our partners support individual projects in strategic questions and with their expertise and stand by us as a think tank.


After a workshop of the Awareness Initiative, the Awarenetz Leipzig was founded under the auspices of the Livekommbinat Leipzig. Almost every month, activists from nightlife and awareness come together here to discuss current cases or give informative lectures on current challenges. The Awarenetz is coordinated by Cocny from the Livekommbinat.

Awareness Institute

The Awareness Institute is a grassroots network of collectives and individuals involved in awareness work. Together they form a network that defines fundamental aspects of awareness work. The platform is both a space for exchange and a common voice.

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Message of the Night & Night Council

In future, the "Message of the Night" will help to balance the different interests and address issues of Leipzig's night culture. Experts ofthe night, civil society organisations, representatives ofthe city's cultural and economic development departments and the police department bring current night-time issues to the table and work together to find solutions and innovative ideas.

We are a founding member of the Leipzig Embassy of the Night and the Night Council. Since 2019, we have been developing a concept together with various stakeholders of the Leipzig nights, from which the Embassy of the Night and the position of the Night Culture Officer emerged.

As written in the guiding principles of the Message of the Night, we set out to reduce (sexualised) violence and health risks in nightlife. This is done by providing information and sensitising various actors to anti-discrimination work, violence prevention, education and risk minimisation in the health sector as well as developing recommendations for third parties. In addition, the transfer and establishment of awareness and mindfulness work in the public and in the night culture scene is to take place, as well as the creation of a situation picture of risks and already existing safety measures.

The following people were involved in the development of the concept:

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You have a problem and don't know where to turn? Maybe we can help you or refer you to people in our network. We also offer supervision and are happy to accompany you as far as we can. You are also welcome to take a look at our awareness platform and the swarm can help you in word and deed.

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